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One of the best most heart warming, heart breaking, emotional films I have ever ever seen.

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The Illusionist

I had no idea what this would be about when i started watching it, in a matter of minutes i was captured into the story. This is a great film.

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A mate told me to watch this the other day, fully prepare to watch an all shooting all punching, no thinking film I was pleasantly surprised.

This film is almost exactly like 1984 but with a futuristic theme, the story is amazing and the acting even better.

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Death of a Ghosthunter

OK OK, this is cheesy. I know its acted poorly, the plot is predictable, however its just dark enough for me to like it. the CG in the middle has to be the creepiest thing ever! If like me you like to watch some B movies id go for this every time.

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City of Ember

This film is awesome, I’m not sure if i have ever seen anything like it. I found it just looking around on IMDB thought well its worth a try…I loved every second of it.

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Cirque Du Freak : The vampires assistant

Don’t worry, id never heard of it either. I was told it was advertised but i don’t remember.

However this film is wonderful, maybe a little childish but hey, I’M A BIG KID.

I suggest if you like vampires and bearded ladies you should see this film.

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After all the publicity this film got i was saddened to find that although the plot wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good either.  I found this film to be totally cheesy. worth it for the Tiny Tim tho.

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Due Date

I thought this film was really funny, but i think Ive seen this story before.

This to me is a modern day Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Saying that I’m not slagging this film because although it may be unoriginal the delivery of it is perfect!

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One of the best comedy zombie films. It has everything, its cheesy, its romantic, its slapstick, and its got ZOMBIES!!!

plus a brilliant cast!

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Zack and Miri (Make a porno)

I am a huge fan of anything Kevin Smith does and this film is no exception.

I think this is one of the most hilarious cringe worthy films ever. I don’t wanna give anything away so ill just leave it at that.

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